Forget me not

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Sorry its been a while hasn’t it? I just really struggling to find time to blog at the moment. Anyway let’s get down to business straight away, I was sent some labels from Forget me not 

Here’s what they say about their products

It was not long after we met 3 years ago that we started talking about wanting to put our ambitions, creativity and positive energy into a web-shop together. We both became mums for the first time and that was where we wanted to get our inspiration from. What would benefit other mums in this region? It was when our firstborns started nursery that we found what we were looking for!

At forget me not we strive for simplicity and fun. Who said that labels have to be boring! Besides labels you will find other fun personalized products and we are making every effort to expand our collection. Contact us if you want your own ideas incorporated in any of our personalized products!

I did panic when they arrived, how on earth was I going to review stickers????? However its possible as they’re pretty awesome, I sent the ladies the children’s names and within 48hours these beautiful, brightly clouded fun stickers and iron labels had arrived.

Pick and go labels

Pick and go labels

LPV got to work immediately sticking them on his snack box and his water cup for nursery, this I have to say has come in super handy this week with him being at Spring camp and with teachers and staff that don’t know him as well. Everyday the “right” cup has come home. The camel bak water cup boom has proven to be the bain of my life at times, with not the widest range available here in Dubai you can bet someone else has the exact cup, in the park or school or soft play.

ooopps now you know his name

ooopps now you know his name

The iron labels are fantastic, they’ve done a great job they stayed on and survived several washes too…and they’re still going!! You can order split pack so you don’t have to buy separate if you have more than one child,

Their labels are fair beyond boring I can tell you, you can see for yourself they are attractive, the font is easy to read and the clouds are great, the pick and go labels are good if you are not feeling particularly creative and don’t want to design your own labels. However if you want your own bespoke label you can do that here. All the labels are microwave safe dishwasher durable and UV resistant, for us living here this is a must as EVERYTHING fades in the sun……mostly my energy.

Forget me not have awhile range on their website, you can get lunch boxes with names printed on, plates & cups for dinner time, wall and bedroom stickers!! They also do an allergy range which is extremely useful, we are luckily in the fact that at the moment neither of our children have any allergies touches wooden desk but you never know when they could sneak up and make your life difficult.


I think by far though the best product they offer in my humble opinion is information re-usable wrist bands. As the mother of road runner (that’s what I was called too) this is a MUST, LPV runs off all the time, most of the time its in a shop or supermarket but this year we are planning on taking the children to the rugby 7′s. My heart will still be in my mouth the whole time but If he’s wearing one of these at least I know if a decent human being find him they will contact me!! I will be purchasing some immediately. Priced at only 25dhs it’s very reasonable,however who could put a price on your child’s safety?


All of Forget me nots prices are reasonable, costs do vary depending on what type of stickers/packs or labels you order, for me the only disappointment would be that shipping within the UAE is 25dhs however if your weigh it up against the hassle of charger around the various malls in Dubai only to come home without what you need it’s not that much.

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My sunday photo

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What else to do on beautiful sunny April afternoon…………I’m trying to keep it a bit “real” out here! I don’t always want the kids to see someone else doing these jobs for us! Plus they got soaked and had a complete blast!!!!

At the carwash!!

At the carwash!!


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Im sorry

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A letter of apology to my children

Dear children

I seem to be making so many mistakes with you at the moment so I’m just going to come out and apologise for it all………………………………………………

I’m sorry I didn’t realise that poop obviously belongs all down your legs and on the bathroom floor, I will have strong words with Grandma for teaching me the wrong way of putting it in the toilet.

I’m sorry that I served your dinner to you on a plate I should realise in the future that  your lap, hair and floor are far more convenient for you

I’m sorry for brushing you teeth, I totally agree with you dental hygiene is completely overrated

I know I really should have gone to fashion design school as quite clearly I get it wrong ALL the time, t-shirts with raccoons playing football are OUT, one red shoe and one blue shoe is perfect attire for a trip to the supermarket!

Sincere apologies about my mind reading abilities I should have realised and anticipated you changed your mind from a red bowl to a blue bowl

Deeply sorry for wanting to sleep, you wanting your dummy 20,000 times a night is far more important than Mammy & Daddy being able to function properly

I know I will not get any parenting awards for not giving you pancakes everyday for dinner and chocolate milk with your breakfast, I will go to time out and think about the healthy balance dinner I just served you!

With Much love