2013 posts

Well not that many but I’m sure is was an average amount…….ok Im lying it was probably a terrible piss poor amount of blog posts I did last year, this year it will be difference *honestly believing the words*

I really love going over all my old post posts….at the very beginning they were absolutely diabolical, hopefully they’ve improved some what, so as I did I’m going to do a year round-up of my blog….not sure if there’s a linky this year, I’ve been terrible at reading blogs as we’ve had not internet.

January 2013

It was cold, snowy and I was damn right miserable this time last year, heavily pregnant praying for them to give an induction date for Miss C, sky-high sugars, longing for a big wedge of cake…..Eventually they agreed and I was going to be induced via a , thankfully they thought it was best for a section and out she popped at a later date.


Well this month was taken up by posts about , a months of using the F word whilst attempting to great feed & sneezing post section. There were tears of joys, tears of pain, tears of baby blues and that was just EPD…..Yes this was the month I gave


Well we had a guest post this month from the one and only Miss C, she was so advanced for . Not many post were written this month, *bad Mammy blogger* this month I was a bit pissed off with people “offering” their advice… You know the old chestnut “Oh you shouldn’t do at..blah blah” so I ranted..Well it is my blog after all.
The last post I wrote this month was about a story a dutch priest told us which into oblivion.


I come with the perfect idea to deter teenagers from getting pregnant…., this month we tried with Miss C out of sure desperation….It made believer out of me..


This I think was the start of my PND with Miss C, I wrote a piece about , negative parenting and just giving ourselves a hard time in general….lets stop this year, we’re all awesome parents. We we’re also rather brave and took away LPV’s dummy, it was time and he did brilliantly. There was often ocaissions during the most stressful parts of the year for us i.e. all of it that he asked for it. However now its a distant memory…


Writing wise this seemed like a good month, I love June, Its LPV’s birthday month and I so do enjoy planning a good . I did write one of the best post I feel Ive ever written in . I would really love to say I know who I am now but that would be a complete fib. I still feel like this, right now maybe even more so with the excess moving stress and christmas lbs. Oooh I got to too


So this was the month when the travel whirlwind started in , I was quite and admitted into hospital this month too, quite scary and thought-provoking to be honest.


This month involved lots of , and generally very much. I got over thankfully……but there are still days


This month we a competition, to be honest it was a pretty awesome month. We went to more specifically and in that post I got to post about what I love posting about…Traveling with kids. We also left for to start our new life again


Do not read the following related post if you’re eating. A very humorous for me story of having visitors whilst in the bathroom.


This month consisted of mad dash trips to the , and finally getting a ………A month filled with worry and stress


A fairy good month since we were up to our neck in moving stuff….We celebrated here in Dubai and I got an from my blogging peers….Cheer guys

So that was our year in a nutshell…