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From camels to windmills


Today as normal for a Wednesday I dropped LPV at daycare, felt like the worst mother on the earth and headed to the gym. Usually all being well with her wee one I meet my friend Em there we workout and then have a quick coffee after.  Not particularly European or British just normal right? Done in every country around the world.

After the gym I go into the changing room to get my bag, I don’t shower at the gym I have a ridiculous phobia about changing room floors and standing in someone else’s hair or soggy bits of toilet roll. Anyhoo I walk into the changing room and there it was, the Dutch “were comfortable with nakedness” way of life just staring at me. If there has been an old man in a silk dressing gown I  could have  been at the playboy mansion. I not a prude, granted I not entirely comfortable with my body but damn girls put them away or you have someones eye out!!!

I’ve been members of gyms in a few countries now, at home some people do strut around the changing rooms projecting “look at me aren’t I fabulous, I live off cigarettes and rocket” these are generally the people you’ll  find at the park in bikini’s as discovered this week. In Dubai I don’t think anyone dare strut around starkers even if it is a ladies changing room but here in Holland its whole new ball game. The gents leave the door open to their changing rooms, which is most embarrassing when you have to chase after your child who decides to run in there and when you arrive at the ladies it’s tits on parade.  My poor eyes can’t take anymore so from now on I’m opening the door with my eyes closed *walks into lockers and knocks self out*.

I think they should bring out a new poster

Nuff  Said innit!!!

  • An expat Wife says:

    LOL oh this cracked me up. We spent a couple of weeks in Switzerland and I was walking around the turkish bath sauna area on my own without my glasses. It was quiet so when two men walked in I noticed. I also noticed that they appeared to be wearing rather skimpy black speedo bathers. When I got up close I realised the the black material I was seeing was actually pubic hair and I had missed the swaying appendage due to my poor eyesight. That was a huge shock for an Aussie who is used to people changing behind closed doors!

  • says:

    With you on the changing room floors thing…. as well as the bare naked cheek of flaunting bits, what’s wrong with a bit of modesty and decorum!!!

  • Sarah says:

    hehe!! made me smile

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