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It’s unbelievable what a change of scenery can do for ones mental state. The last month or so hasn’t been that great for me. I’ve not felt myself at all, I’ve felt low and started to fall back into bad habits. Everything got on top of me, trying to do it all and do it all perfectly. Working, being class mum, being a good mammy being a good wife, friend I was juggling so much and something had to give…….Unfortunately it was mental state. Obviously made 100% worse but mammy guilt. It’s was trying to make pink crispy cakes for “Pink day” that broke the camels back. They came out purple, it was a puss poor effort on my part. That particular was rife with mammy guilt, feeling like the only memory Miss C would have of her mammy was her sat a a computer working or walking out the door on her. Plus not being that fantastic mammy that can not up 4 tier cake with different shades of pink in every layer. The mammy that can knock up an amazing dress up outfit from some sand and bottle tops in 5 minutes flat. I broke down!

Today though, today I’m so relaxed I could have fallen asleep at the lunch table. It’s half term so we’ve took a wee mini break. We haven’t gone far just an hour up the road to Ras Al Khaimah. We’re staying at the Double Tree by Holton resort and Spa Marjan Island .
It’s beautiful here RAK is an up and coming place for a mini break. With gorgeous hotel like this one popping up. We arrive and immediately at check we had be upgraded to two villa’s with an adjoining door. This fab as we brought A our nanny along with us. And before any of you start judging, why should we leave her at home isn’t she allowed some down time too? Lord only knows she needs it living with us lot. She’s not here to carry our bags, run around after our children and sit at another table while we all eat in front of her. She’s here because she’s part of the family. Anne and the kids have the beds in one villa and we have the other. Beautiful ground floor villas which are a stones throw away from the pool and play park for the kids. I feel refreshed, for the first time in a while I actually enjoyed playing “what’s the time Mr Wolf” & “hide n seek”. The staff are amazing with the children, nothing is too much trouble for them. At breakfast this morning LPV thought he had died and gone to heaven he was allowed pancakes AND frosties! Food is amazing and quite well priced. There was an entertainer guy absolutely murdering dire straits last night but you can live with that. The only other negative is the damage control I have to do at bootcamp on Wednesday ;)
Anyhow I’m off to the spa!




Graduation is dynamite

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Well today has been an emotional one for me, well last couple of days have. Yesterday we received our parent pack from LPV’s “big school”, talking about uniforms and extra circular activities…..for me it was all too much and like a big EEJiT I ended up balling my eyes out.

Today we attended his graduation ceremony from his fs1 nursery class………blub city isn’t the word.

There he was so proud of himself “Hello my name is LPV and I can count to 10 and back again, he then proceeds to do this and then counts to 10 in two’s”

They did some beautiful songs, their own wee version “summer loving” about graduating and staying friends. It was so beautiful, Miss N had worked extremely hard to make it perfect and it truly was. My favourite was their take on Tao Cruise..dynamite this was LPV’s favourite when he was smaller, “we’re going to graduate cos it’s dynamite”. I so wish I could show you the videos but I don’t have the other parents permission to put their kids on the net. *Hears sighs of relief the world over*

Today was so special, although for me he’s still my baby and always will be. I think I’d better stock up on the Xanax for the first day of term at big school. Time is going to quickly and both of my babies are groaning so fast, I’m blessed they’re growing up happy and healthy, however I just want to put us all in a bubble and savor these moments.

I’m gutted I took the wrong lens with me and my phone is rubbish for photos but here’s a few photos of my big grown up boy