Home for the summer!!

We were away for six weeks this summer, I personally thought it would drag but times just whizzed past us like it had a rocket up its bum. The summer we had planned was a very different one to what we actually had, a better one in fact. The big extravagant theme parks and long journey’s changed due to family circumstances but it was so much more fun. I decided to give the children “Our summer holidays” from when both me and expat daddy were children, ok we did have to sneak in a few soft plays due to weather but it was back to basics for most of it.

In , we donned Wellington boots splashed in puddles and went for long walks with the dog, splashing through streams throwing sticks and getting hands so sticky with ice-cream they stuck together. I love my home town, I think I appreciate more now I don’t live there, such a fun vibrant city with rural places that would take your breath away. If you haven’t been yet I suggest theez go me babber!! We brought nets and buckets and went crabbing on , ok the crabs were quite clearly on their vacation as the buckets stayed empty but the children had a magical time. I actually have photographs of me and my sister doing this a s a children, LPV was amazed looking at them that I haven’t always been a grouchy old fart that just shouts “eat your dinner”. Chips, Ice cream and windmills on sea front was absolutely baltic but It didn’t stop us building castles and seeing if we could dig down ALL the way to Australia. We touched snakes, fed goats, fed ducks, held chickens, got dirty and played in the garden until dinner was ready.

In Ireland, we spent hours watching miniature trains in , our Wellington boots filled up with water at beach. At aunty Mary’s farm in West Cork, we met cow’s, Chessy the horse and 5 dogs chased us around the garden. The children picked carrots for dinner from the garden, now believing for themselves that veggies DO NOT come from the supermarket. Got crisps at the pub inand raced the whole beach at . West Cork in Ireland is just spectacular, so beautiful I want to live there. When we drive the journey down I just think about all the history buried deep within all the stunning mountains and the fresh air will put you in the deepest sleep imaginable…………We went to the fairground during a mini break to the children went on their first roller coaster and gave granny a fright when LPV did the bungee trampoline. We went to circus and seen acrobats, men juggling fire and a very funny not scary clown. I breathed a sigh on relief when they decided they didn’t like candy floss but then ended up finishing off myself!!

We caught up with friends, made brand new ones, strengthen the bonds with our cousins and play fought with granddad in the garden, made ramps out of wood for cars and had endless picnics.

Oh not forgetting to get The #mugshots in along the way

We have made so many beautiful memories that I hope the children will remember and hopefully pass on to their own children one day. They’ve learned so much like how to drive a tractor, got experience the most beautiful scenery which I know they won’t care about now but maybe in years to come it will trigger a bit of nostalgia for them when they return again.

How was your summer?

Inchydoney beach getting our Dubai 92 mug shot in

Keeping an eye on the Irish railway

Crabbing with Grandma & Grandad

Thats what wellies were made for

Here ducky ducky ducky

Don’t look Granny

The mugshot in beautiful Schull