Not today thank you

Today I’m not enjoying being a mammy! *Hears the shock horror mexican gasp around the world*

Yep there it is I said it out loud, I love and adore my kids and would die for them I love them so much. However today they are doing my swede right in!

Miss C is off form and I think it’s down to teething, I’m cuddling/kissing/ using teething powder at worse giving calpol. Nothing is working and I’m tired of the crying, screaming and the whinging when the above are not being done. I’m frustrated I can’t help her!

I’m tired of cleaning poop out of underpants of being told “No mammy, you not to touch Thomas” “No Mammy you not to blah blah”

I’m tired that I had to crawl out of the bedroom as Miss C will not go to sleep!

Thankfully the day got slightly better after I started this post, still had to negotiate dinner but we headed for the lough for a great walk. There was a trad band there and LPV enjoyed a wee jig