Pizza puffs

Right Im not really a recipe blogger to be honest the most I’ve ever baked is since Christmas when expatdaddy brought me my shiny new kitchen aid. However getting LPV’s snack box ready in the morning was a complete and utter nightmare, even I was getting fed up of making sandwiches.

So I did what any self-respecting struggling mother does… I searched and found some fun recipes for make for lunches, now LPV is difficult I’m trying to wean him off his ever so varied diet of chicken nuggets and spaghetti this was a child that was weaned on everything may I add.

Anyhoo I came across the these, now I adjusted the recipe to make it more child friendly as they don’t need salt and I think chilli flakes may cause a bit of stir at snack time. They came out relatively well. Mine we’re slightly more “Golden” than I had hope for…but this is me I cook the arse out of everything!!