Potty time

We reached a milestone!! We’re potty training, not a phase in LPV’s life I was looking forward to and I didn’t particularly want to start it in the middle of a big upheaval in his life. However I’m not sure how School foundation classes Dubai feel in about potty training so I at least wanted him dry during the day. As it happens being with my family, his granddad, his uncle J and his cousins has really helped him tackle this huge step.

We’ve made a “wee wee” sticker chart which he puts Thomas stickers on it when we’ve had a success, he’s so proud of what he’s achieved and I’m so proud of him too. Just one day in and he’s aware and asking, I’m not under any illusion that we’ve cracked it…excuse the pun, but we’re getting there.

He is already using it to his advantage fleecing Grandma & Great nanny for two trains…he told the cashier at Tesco that he had done a wee on the toilet and that his mammy was so proud!!! Today I tired to do the potty training in public, it didn’t go too well but it’s early days, we had a lift to our play date but had to get the bus home so I completed chicken out and put him in a pull up. probably not the best idea as he’s just been in pants but I’m new to this and to be completely honest he hadn’t done his morning constitutional and I’ll be damned if I was going to have a code brown on the bus!!

Hopefully this stage will be relatively stress free for us…..