Road kill

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We are getting rather confident on the old bakfiets now, I just love it. Much like my iphone I don’t know I coped in like without it. It’s like my little car, granted not as comfortable as my old little Bertie!!

We hit the shops, we cycle to play group, it’s got squashed skips and banana in it already much like our car, however the only thing that is bothering me is NATURE, yes you heard me right, kamikaze dutch insects flying at me!!! They hit my sunglasses or my face and I react like a octopus  being defibrillated!! I am also not even going to think about how many flies etc I have probably swallowed whilst talking to LPV, I supposed to trying to cut down on my snacks and they’re not helping!!!

When I take off my sunglasses I have winged road kill all over them it’s just gross, on the plus side I have now mastered the restart at the traffic lights so journey’s are taking far less time!!!!

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