For the last week or so I haven’t been sleeping properly,  not due to the small person either. It’s worries, insignificant worries. I will always be a worrier however I haven’t always been one, I used to be quite laid back until I decided to become a nurse then it all went Pete Tong.

Although it’s nothing major, thanks be to god all is well *touches a million wooden things* in expat house, we’re all beginning to settle, I’m making friends, my bestie is coming to see me from Kansas, awesome!! You see I have these lists, lists in my head, sometimes they make as far as the notice board but mostly they’re in my head, I like to tick the off one at a time. I still have major concerns about the lifestyle we have chosen along with the day-to-day stuff that every Mammy/parent or person worries about. Lets start off small……………………………..

Ok so now the major expat stuff

So there you have it my worries as expat, this post was inspired by, at this point I would like to say a huge huge thank you too my readers, I hope your not bored!! Its thanks to you that I am a finalist in . The award ceremony is in a few weeks time, and although I would move heaven and earth to go, get glammed up and be in the company of most of the most amazing bloggers to walk the earth. I will be ever so glam in my kitchen making a Gruffalo cake for a certain small persons birthday, I would love to go but this blog does what it says on the tin!! It’s all about the baby’s adventures.

Keep your fingers crossed for us


Finalist woooooo hooooooo