2014 bucket list

I’m not making resolutions, they’re crap and people never stick to them. It’s not going to be cool/winter here for much longer and I want to achieve so much, so I decided to make a bucket list of the things I want to do……….

Walk more

In a place where you pretty much have to drive everywhere,certainly in the spring & summer anyway..I want to walk more, yesterday we walked to Safa park. The kids enjoy walking, well Miss C likes being nosey from the buggy and LPV just loves being free.

Spend an hour a day on my blog/social media pages

This can be broken up but it need to give them some TLC, I enjoy it and they’ve been neglected over the last year.

The kids to watch less TV

Plenty of time for them to be glued to the TV when the summer comes and it’s too hot to go out.

Move more

I’m not going to make a ridiculous statement like “I will workout hard 7 days a week” as this just wont happen but I want to spend less time sitting and more time moving. Whether it’s a walk, a swim, or just playing chase with LPV.

My pills

If I ever want to come off them I need them to work effectively, that means starting the year the right way and remembering to take them. Last night I sat with EPD and poured my heart out. I don’t want to be the depressed Mammy, I want to be the one with the thirst for life again, the fun mammy, the one who doesn’t hate herself at the end of the day cos she feels like she shouted too much.


Now I’m not one of those super mothers who can bake, crochet, sew etc. The most sewing I’ve ever done is stitching the wire back into my bra!!!Most of the things I bake are not pleasing to the eye OR end up on the pavement outside nursery, boy did I swear. However Miss C would probably love to eat a couple of crayons and LPV really enjoys making stuff now he’s at nursery….So be prepared to view our monstrosities via the blog.

Memory Jar

I want us to start a jar as a family that all year round we can post in funny, special things that have happened…We’ll open it on New Years day 2015. I just want the kids to remember that mammy doesn’t always shout, cry or be depressed.

Me time

Guilt free me time, that’s what I want not much, just an hour or so a day or even every other day, with babies trying to climb up my leg, Mammy can I have a barni cake, can I watch jungle junction. Sometime I just don’t want to pretend to be Gordon or run away from the Owls that are coming all day. However if I have an hour off I will gladly be these things at any for my darlings, I’m feeling drained after the last year, I need to re charge.


This year is to be filled with laughter, there were too many tears last year. However we’re here where we want to be and happy in our new life so they should be laughter all the way.