A feast with a Gruffalo

A feast with a Gruffalo

I promise it’s the last time I mention the Gruffalo for a long time. Saturday was LPV’s party, he had an absolute blast, as did everyone else I think. The cake went well and to be honest we’ve all been shattered since, so I am going to let the photo’s speaks for themselves

  He had a fab day at his party, On Sunday he almost exploded with excitment as he not only went in the car small things please him, but he went on the train to Amsterdam and then went on a Canal boat ride. The toilet on the boat was the most exciting thing EVER!!

He’s been spoilt rotten and had lots of toys that he can potentially give me a heart attack with, Scooter, bike!! Etc *orders job lot of bubble wrap from internet*

So now we’re done for another year and I can begin dreading what character he’ll be into next year!! As long as it’s NOT the pig!!