Baby led weaning pt2

Well…….I still haven’t started it lol, Im too scared. I’ve started to puree at the moment but I think when she’s 6 months plus I will start a mixture of both. I think for me that’s the best option I’d love to do BLW exclusively but Im a bit of a control freak and really want to keep an eye on what Miss C is getting in. We’re in week one of puree so far we’ve had apple…hit, Carrot…..epic fail, swede……take it or leave it and today it was banana…..yummy noises central. I do believe my daughter has inherited my sweet tooth.

To be honest I’m half heartedly weaning, Miss c seems to be on hunger strike at the moment, not sure if the weather, all the change or just a phase but she’s boycotting milk *unless its the middle of the night of course*. So I’m mainly just giving her tastes to try and if we skip a day its no disaster. Thankfully Ive just had a call to say that we’ve been excepted into our local health centre after a few days of battling, so at least if this hunger strike continues I can call on the health visitors. I just bought next size teats to try and get the little minx drinking so here’s hoping. It’s a worry when she’s not drinking her full quota especially in this heat wave?

Tonight we’ve has success I managed to get 120mls in her before bed and she’ll have a dream feed to top her up. Hopefully if the weather cools she’ll start drinking more *clutches straws*