Bazaar old world

Saturday was a super busy day, which started with an abnormal early start, meaning ME up before the wee whipper snappers. I booked a table at , the paraphernalia was building up and it was time for a clean out, plus for reason that are our own it’s very unlikely we’ll be expanding our wee expat family further, If I can’t see wee dinky clothes and item then I won’t get broody……Right? Of course, not kidding myself at all.

Weeks of preparation went into to it, sorting, washing, hanging up, children finding piles and destroying all sorted items of clothing..You’re a parent you know how it goes and of course they don’t play with something for months on end but the minute they think they’re loosing it, all hell breaks loose and it’s the favourite toy.

I was lucky enough to get a good table being there at the sparrow’s fart helped, I set up my table and made it all pretty…..cue, loud neighbour who clearly had just robbed a Mall with the amount of toys and clothing she had. She was lovely but just kept banging on about me being her competition and she shouldn’t talk to me………..Umm dude,it’s a 2nd hand market not the world cup!!

As the morning went on people came, they browsed, some brought, some had simply NO respect and just threw stuff around like it was old rags, OK I know they’re just clothes but they were my babies clothes, clothes and toys I have taken good care of. The whole morning I was there I was watching strangers rummage through my daughter & son’s things I became more emotional, I wasn’t ready to let it all go. This was reaffirmed when someone picked up and brought Miss C’s favourite outfit, which clearly doesn’t fit anymore. I held it together but I was dying inside. To be honest I think we all know I’m a wee bit emotional complete and utter emotional wreck but I gave myself a telling off. It’s just material things, I have the memories, the photo’s, the feeling’s all stored away to keep me warm and fuzzy.

After that it was everyman for himself/herself.. I was toy lady’s competion and if she didn’t stop sitting on my son’s pj’s table I would go on her arse.

I thought I had priced my items relatively fairly not too cheap not pricey but people are so tight sometimes…especially people who are clearly up to their bangers in cash rolling in cash. It was insulting what people were offering, 2aed (30p) for a 20aed (4 quid) dress still with tags on. Needles to say they were told to *cough* “jog on” in a very polite and nice way. I’m aware it’s a 2nd market but C’mon..

It was a big success for me though, Although I did bring home more than I wanted I shifted quite a lot and brought stuff too, which clearly wasn’t the plan but when In Rome…..I’m definitely going to do it again when I have more stuff toughened up, If you’re living here in Dubai and want to sell any baby items, clothes, toys, books, equipment then the Baby bazaar is the way forward. The tables are reasonably priced with options of hiring hanging rails, they happen every month both here in Dubai at Times Square mall and in Abu Dhabi.
Just wear comfy shoes and be prepared to haggle!!!