Cranial therapy

Its been a while since Ive blogged, life is crazy at the moment and Im just absolutely shattered in the evening.

Being a mother of two is awesome but it has its stressful moments, Miss C is having a wee bit of trouble with colic & constipation she was getting so stressed when she was desperate to sleep. So we’ve been using a Cranial osteopath for the last couple of weeks. Its awesome, I was quite skeptical at first but Dr Bob has worked wonders for my baby girl.

After the first session she’d quite happily take herself off to sleep without being rocked or cuddled, she pooped!!!! Unfortunately then she picked a tummy bug and we were back to square one sleeping wise but she is way more relaxed.

Dr Bob came recommended by a fellow expat, he’s a very softly spoken, chilled and gentle guy, today Miss C was in awe of him. Her eyes followed him whenever he moved, she was flashing him big smiles and for the first time she started cooing. Now I’m slightly pissed off she hasn’t cooed for me but it’s fab to see the treatment working. A friend asked me if I thought my wee girl was flirting, she has Dr Bob wrapped around her wee finger but if she was flirting she’s got to work on the farting in front of guys thing as she trumped all through the session like mother like daughter.

Long may this relaxed state continue…………………………..for us all