Empty nest

Empty nest

I think I’m suffering my empty syndrome about 18 years too early, I’ve just dropped LPV off at his nursery for his 2nd settling in  session, believe me he didn’t sound too “settled” when I left!! That’s right what a bitch I’ve left my child!!!!with strangers, strangers that don’t even speak the same language as him. If you could feel the pain in my chest now, it’s unbelievable . I sobbed, I sobbed like a baby and I had to wheel an empty buggy home which made me worse. I took the scenic route home so I didn’t look like a crazy woman crying & pushing an empty buggy I could clear my head. I got home put on the kettle first then I called, those extra seconds of putting on the kettle have help me go from neurotic to concerned mother I hope; I could hear him screaming in the background.

I’m going to write this post, have a shower then call again, go to the shop buy some milk, then call again…………………….is it 1 O’clock *bites fingers til the are stubs*.  My house is eerily quiet, there’s no Makka Pakka claping and air main sounds, OMG what am I going to do………..