Never work with children or animals

Never work with children or animals

As you could tell from our previous this morning, we had a somewhat poorly last couple of days. To top it off LPV had not been peeing much, since yesterday afternoon, now I’m not one to purposing measure Peoples urine out put (honestly) but all the dry nappies were making a wee (excuse the pun) bit concerned so i contacted my Dr. I managed to get pretty much the last appointment of the and explained the situation, I then got a call back saying I needed to come earlier as they may need to do tests. Tests, Tests, what fecking tests????

Anyhoo I got to the Dr LPV was looking pretty rough, had a low-grade temp I explained agin that he’d been drinking for Ireland and not peeing it out…….Let take a look shall we, I take of his jeans and Abra Cadabra there is was the fullest nappy in the history of the bloody world. Relieved but completely mortified I tried to hide my “I’m not neurotic honest he really didn’t pee ” face by giving LPV a cuddle, the Dr continued her examination.

“It’s clear he’s not himself but I think there’s nothing to worry about” she said with a sympathetic voice whilst typing away on her computer, you can just imagine what it said

“Mammy b**ches be crazy, call security”

To try to save face (and another visit) I asked her for a repeat prescription for my crazy pills, no questions asked and with a look of relief on her face she gladly obliged.

Time to change our Dr already, Why do children do it????