Not so pushy parent

We’re all guilty of it………….no I don’t mean being a pushy parent, I mean comparing ourselves to other mothers/parents. If you say you don’t you’re in denial I’m afraid.

I’m very guilty of this, comparing my parenting, comparing my children’s ability, it’s not until your around children & parenting of a different culture that you realise that your idea are so different. I think its different being around your friends from home who are parents, they grew up with pretty much the same parenting as you, the same sayings from their parents as you…you know like “if you pick your nose, your brains will fall out”.

I’m not a laid back parent by any means but lately I’ve felt that maybe I am too laid back with my children, ok I do the compulsory tummy time with Miss C not the five times a day I’m supposed too but I’m not in a hurry for her to roll, crawl, sit in her bumbo. Granted if she slept through the night every night, that would be amazeballs but she does it sporadically and that’s enough for me, she’s still a wee diddy. Should I tho? should I be pushing her to do more? Is it not good parenting? I read stuff that makes me feel like I should.

Also with LPV, he’s 3 next month, he’s still in nappys, still has his dummy, not for long tho and I’m sure that will be next weeks posts sorted!! he doesn’t want to go near a potty so I don’t push, however reading things again, bloody Facebook I do start to panic every so often that he’ll be in nappys on his wedding day!!

I don’t know it seems to be part of the set questions in life

For me tho although my arse gets twitchy when I “read stuff” I look at my wee people and to me they seem happy so we’ll keep doing it our way for now!