Porker of a competition!!!!!

Porker of a competition!!!!!

It’s a first on expatbabyadventures, Im popping my competition cherry!!! Courtousy of the lovely Sean over at I’ve a humdinger of a prize for you lovely lot.

Paultonsbreaks are the geniuses that launched the place that a few of you may know as just a little place calledheard of it??????

So wanna go to Peppa pig world??? You do? Ok so it just so happens that I’ve got 4 tickets to give away, two adult tickets and two childrens tickets that are valid until August 2013.

I dont know about you but sometimes I find family days out stressful, fun….. but stressful and sometimesI could do with a complete survival guide to get through it.

So thats it, thats all you have to do to win this fabuloso prize, is tell me your tops tips for surviving a family day out! Whitty or sensible, long or short, whether its common practice for you or just and idea for your first family trip, I want to hear them.

So you’ve got until the end of January to enter, I not going to rattle on and set alot of rules, however there are a couple, firstly you’ll need to connect with moi on twitter. I’m easy to find , this will be how I’ll contact my lucky winner. Please be aware, that the prize is just entry ticket only, no transport or refreshments are included. The judges choice is final and the judge will be Expatdaddy, this is purely as he is imparticial and doesn’t know or follow you like I do. I want to keep it as fair as I can.

So there’s nothing else for me to do but wish you luck, I will announce the winner on 31st Jan 2013.