Returning to work!!

IN the red corner we have expatmammy…… IN the blue corner we have Mammy Guilt, I think this is going to be a great fight, one I feel readers, that will go on FOREVER. I fought battle with the Mammy guilt before, barely won and I’m still teetering on the edge of loosing some but this is the biggest by far. On sunday see my return to the work force, not only have I not worked for almost 4 years but it’s a completely new job role. I’m going to be an accounts manager for a social media company AND I’m going to have business card and everything!!! *runs out and buys Porsche, brief and killer heels for image*.

I’ve just had a meeting with my new boss, I’m exited beyond belief but I’m scared this job is going to require the confident “me” that I know is deep down there somewhere but will she come out??, also will Miss C end up loving the babysitter more than me? the balance in our life be tipped the wrong way?

Questions arrrrrrgggggghhhhh!

I think personally its something I need, I studied 3 long , hard years and  had to give up my career and I miss it, this is a new challenge for me something to sink my teeth my teeth other than being a mammy, which I love. Working and being a mammy can be done, millions of mammies all over the world do it, it just going to take some time to figure out a system that works for us. Did they all feel the same?

I’m lucky that I will mostly be working from home so I can still bring Miss C to her classes and have individual quality time with my babies. So hopefully they won’t suffer.

It’s like any change I make in my life, I dwell and analyse it  for ages, I’m not a great lover of change but I’m used to it to be honest with all the moving round we do. So this is the first update and no doubt there will be plenty more…….

Do have any experience in this, can you offer any words of wisdom?