Choosing the right school is so stressful, it’s giving me sleepless nights. I should actually be in bed now but I’ve decided it blog about my worries rather than just laying there with them playing on repeat through my head, this is until Miss C wakes up for one of her twilight play times.

Here in Dubai choosing a school from the hundreds available to you doesn’t stop the stress, it’s part of it, a MAJOR part of it. Not only does it cost you around £100 each time you register with a school, it doesn’t mean that they’ll even consider your child for an assessment. Your stuck between a rock and a hard place, do you register your child in as many as you can after you’ve sold one of your vital organs to pay for it, or do just pick one or two and pray that someone upstairs is shinning down on you.

So what happens when your child gets the assessment but fails it? As this place *Dubai* has extremely high standards for 4yr olds, apparently. Then there’s the cost you have to consider, obviously the better the school the more 0’s the price tag has. You’d never put a price on your child’s education but where do you draw the line. All I know is that I want LPV to have such an amazing experience at school, I loved school right up until I went to secondary school, I hated EVERY minute of secondary school!

LPV is in a nursery school at present, a long established one with a fantastic reputation, he’s happy even after only being there for 3 weeks! However I feel like there’s so much pressure on him and me already to be performing at school. Letters and numbers do not bother me in the slightest, he’s good. It’s his social skills and some physical skills that I’m worried about especially after reading an assessment questionnaire from one of our school choices.

He’s only 3 and yeah, he struggles to dress himself but we’re working on it. Like we’re working on him holding a pencil properly, I lay awake a night because he “can’t hold scissors properly”. How can you refuse to educate a child because they can’t hop yet. What are they teaching them if they expect them to already have perfect pencil control, or do a triple back flip in gym class.
I’m not saying that the school would refuse them but if your asking these questions if the child can’t do them surely that’s a black mark?
I really don’t want to be on his case these young years should really just be about play, he loves to play and if they could listen to him they’d snap him up!

This post is not supposed to bash any Dubai schools, just a mammy getting her worries out her head on to digital paper, so she may finally get some sleep!

Please send us good vibes that we get an assessment for our first choice and he passes with flying colours!!!!

Anyway here’s a few photos of us practicing and having fun learning new skills