Too much

All these studies, articles research into how we as parenting are messing up our children psychologically is getting all too much for me. The campaign to ban the word “bossy”  in the states strikes me as a little bit over the top. Seriously can we as parents not do anything right? Yesterday I read  and it just made me laugh, I get that No.3 “Why? Because I said so” isn’t the greatest response ever. I recall my own mother saying this to me and I don’t that I am any less of person for it. Being told your “bad” when their just being badly behaved I got too, I do try not to use the world naughty,  in our house the children are “Bold” it’s an irish thing it means the same thing but I feel it sounds less harsh or aggressive. However again I was smacked as a child, told I was naughty when I deserved It actually it was probably all my sisters fault because I was an angel, I don’t go around smacking random people, although sometimes here in Dubai you REALLY want to. This blaming the parents for everything culture is getting beyond the joke, why don’t we spend this money on protecting children that are clearly at risk and being abused by their parents and carers?

I for one won’t stop telling my children they’re smart, handsome, beautiful………………because they are, I’m not building them up for a fall, I’m telling them the truth and if they grow up and behave like an asshole I will tell them that they’re behaving like an ass hole!! What should we saying in place of beautiful or smart? I love you so much your such an “average child, run of the mill child”?

Parenting is hard enough without having to rethink everything you say or have said to your child, I tell them to stop crying, not because I’m trying to stifle their emotions  but because If it’s for no bloody reason there’s no need for it and it just basically messes up my head. I feel these articles are derogatory to parents trying to be the best than can be. You read it, think Oh I’ve said that…great I’m a shit parent! I don’t feel like I bully my children if I tell them to hurry up, I am all for them enjoying life taking it in their stride….but LPV used stop and look at every dog poop on the floor..seriously they’re are better thing to look at if your just hurry up!! Later in life they will have time constraints for work and responsibilities so they do have to learn the concept of time. I’m not saying they have to be hurried through everything, maybe teaching them to manage this would be better but life doesn’t work that way. We all have the best intentions, we love our children…..surely that should be enough?

Rant over!

So how is your day?