Wee green fingers

Last week we took advantage of our sunny climate and planted some seeds!! I’m readily not sure how long they will last as most plants die under my supervision! It was so lovely for the children to getting involved. I brought LPV to garden centre with me he of course did a runner and he picked out the pots seeds and a wee flappy bird and lady bird for decoration!!

We’ve planted some sun flowers, Strawberries, cherry tomatoes and spinach! 3 of the pots have started to sprout already, he’s so excited and anyone who comes to visit he take them out to show them his plants. Luckily our compound has a gardener so I’m pinning my hopes on that he can keep these things alive!!!

I really think he’s going to benefit loads from gardening, I started it to try to teach him patience and responsibility that he has this little fragile seed to care for and nurture. Everyday he gets his watering can and gives them a drink and I tell them to talk to the plants. He now thinks I’m more insane than ever!! Plus I really don’t think it will do him any harm to get stuck in and get his hands dirty. Miss C certainly enjoyed eating the delicacy that is soil when we were planting. I grew up eating mud, I’m not going to say “and I’m alright” as I guess that a matter of opinion 😉

Putting in our soil

Sun flowers seeds going in!

Daddy helps with the technical parts


Giving them a wee drink!