Who knew???????

It would appear I’ve been getting pregnant and having my child/children in all the wrong countries, we should all be raising French Kids according to the buzz around  the book “French Kids eat everything”……………………………….Really?? Everything?? Ok I challenge you to make your two-year old eat dog poo!! Yes I know I’m being childish. The fussy eating stage is like a Serengeti predator that sneaks up on you and bites you clean on the arse when you are completely comfortable and confident in the knowledge you are raising a well nourished angel that eats the most balanced and amazing diet ever!!!

The first couple of NO’s you get you just smuggishly shrug off and put it down to teeth, as isn’t that what we blame everything on, teeth?? After a week it becomes strange that he won’t eat his favourite and how in heavens name did he learn the word ICE CREAM????????

A month you become a little worried,

8 months later, your obsessing about food, scouring the internet, for recipes , watching others children while they eat to the point their parents want to report you to the police….. you lay awake at night questioning yourself “where did I go wrong?” I even puree’d papaya for you………why won’t you eat???WHY CHILD WHY??

Apparently the answer is cos you’re not French!!!

I’m a member of a couple of forums, whose pages are often filled with, ARRRAGGGGH my child won’t eat!!! every answer is with this bloody book, Now I’m first to admit my parenting is not perfect, far from it actually. However when I looked into the principles of this book, I did feel a little judgey wudgey was a bear!!………………….

Im taken from

Now I’m fully aware one Mama’s Treasure is another Mama’s nightmare, I’ve never really been a big fan of books, they make me feel like an inadequate parent, however isn’t the above just all common sense???

Now if someones wishes to send me a copy to try im up for it but I can’t afford to buy one as my kid has a serious ice cream addiction, also If a sponsor would like to fly me First class to Paris I’d be willing to go and test the dog poo theory!!!